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Meet the doctors.

Profile of J. Thomas Grissom, M.D

Dr. Grissom has extensive knowledge on how to treat chronic pain patients, with over 16 years of interventional pain management experience. He is board certified in anesthesia and pain management. Dr. Grissom received his medical doctorate from the University of Washington School of Medicine, received his residency training in anesthesiology from the University of Missouri-Columbia, with a pain management fellowship in Liverpool, NY. Dr. Grissom also has additional training which allows him to do various pain procedures that no other pain physician in Alaska can perform, thus providing increase level of service to his patients. In addition to serving as the medical director of The Algone Center he enjoys, golfing, skiing and spending time with his three sons. 

J. Thomas Grissom, M.

Profile of Cheryl K. Fitzgerald, PA-C

Cheryl is a certified Physician Assistant. She has a BS degree in Health Studies form Western Michigan University and is a graduate of the Physician Assistant program at the University of Utah. She has over 16 years of clinical experience working in various clinical settings including Family Practice, Emergency/urgent care, preventative care, an orthopedic/fracture care. Prior to obtaining her Physician Assistant degree, she worked for many years in radiologic technology. Cheryl’s main focus is diagnosing and treating illness and injury in patients with chronic pain, she believes in a multi-disciplinarian approach to pain management with the patient as the driving force. She is skilled in treating with medication, injection therapy, and management of intrathecal pumps. 

Cheryl K. Fitzgerald

Profile of Matthew R. Peterson, M.D

Dr. Peterson has extensive experience in treating acute & chronic pain patients. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia, followed by his Medical Doctorate from the University of North Dakota. He completed his residency in Anesthesia as well as his fellowship in Intervention Pain Management with the University of Arizona. His special interest in pan medicine include his dedication to providing relief to individuals with chronic and acute pain through a wide range of minimally-invasive surgical and non-surgical techniques.

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